Digital Cinema Studies

DICIS - Digital Cinema Studies is a scientific research network funded by the Research Foundation Flanders with international expertise on film and cinema studies crossing over to digital humanities to understand the use, contribution and meaning of the digital turn for the field of cinema studies


Conference: Rethinking the Attractions-Narrative Dialectics: New Approaches to Early Cinema

9-10 November 2018, Ghent University, Ghent, Belgium

This conference seeks to both critically reflect on the continued use of the concepts of attraction and narrative in our accounts of early cinema and to pursue new avenues for exploring this period

Workshop Methods (10): Cinema-going in the Arab World

14-15 September 2018, Netherlands-Flemish Institute, Cairo, Egypt

A two-days workshop on film exhibition, distribution, and cinema-going audiences in the Arab world

Workshop Methods (9) Curating and Sharing the Data of Media History

29 June 2018, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Workshop by Prof. Eric Hoyt (University of Wisconsin-Madison and the Director of the Media History Digital Library, USA) on curating and sharing different data sets on media history, organized in the context of the HoMER/NECS Conference, sponsored by DICIS.