Deb Verhoeven



Kinomatics: the industrial geometry of motion pictures


Professor Verhoeven is one of Australia’s leading proponents of Digital Humanities research. Her work is internationally recognised and evident in her recent appointment as Chair of Digital Humanities 2015.

Verhoeven’s research addresses the vast amounts of newly available ‘cultural data’ that has enabled unprecedented computational analysis in the humanities and in aprticular in the creative industries. In addition to scholarly publications and media appearances, she has focused on the development of national online research resources such as the Humanities Networked Infrastructure Project (HuNI); the Cinema and Audiences Research Project (CAARP) database; and The Ultimate Gig Guide (TUGG) an online archive of live music information.

In 2010 this work was recognized with the Australian Teachers of Media Best Tertiary Education Resource Award for bonza: an online film and TV research resource. Verhoeven is a founding executive member of the Australasian Association of the Digital Humanities (aaDH) and the Tasmanian Government’s Digital Futures Advisory Council.


Digital Humanities, Big Cultural Data, Media Geographies, Creative Industries


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