Spanish Film Analysis Group

Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
Edifici I, Campus Cerdanyola, Bellaterra, Barcelona
08931, Spain

+34 93 581 15 95
+34 93 581 15 40

Virginia Luzón Deputy Dean Faculty of Communication Studies, associate professor
Quim Puig (associate professor)
Iliana Ferrer (Departmental Lecturer)

This research unit focuses upon the social history of Spanish cinema, more in particular the formation and appropriation of culture and national identity.

One major research project consists of an NCH-inspired research of film culture and cinemagoing habits in Barcelona, more in particular framing the existence, transformation, rise and decline of cinema halls in this metropolitan area.

This research includes the analysis of the supply and programming, as well as its relation to the experiences of consumption and reception by film viewers of different generations.